Martes, Marso 17, 2015

How Technology helps me on my job as a Guidance Counselor?

            “Since counselors play an important role in shaping students’ ability to learn, communicate, and share information with others, school counselors would be well served to understand how technology can enhance their work” (Hayden, et al, 2008). As a future registered guidance counselor, technology will help me in my job in many ways. First, technology today is one of the most important tools in our society be it in learning, marketing or any other fields.
 As a guidance counselor, technology helps me in advancing my knowledge in some counseling techniques and skills because aside from my actual experiences and learning in school, technology helps me to be updated on the different tools and techniques in counseling, even the issues or any related topics about guidance and counseling which a very big help for me to enhance my skills, knowledge and abilities as a guidance counselor. Also, as a guidance counselor we are administering different psychological testing. Today, we can use technology for online testing, online counseling and other services. Even in our presentation, technology is very helpful especially in presenting variety of student issues such as drug use, bullying, grades, self-esteem, eating disorders, etc.

Moreover, technology can be used for interactive presentations, online resources, and collaboration with colleagues, counselor training, internet research, assessment and many more. In my personal experience technology is very helpful for me in terms of communication to my possible clients. Though online counseling is not highly encouraged in our country, the technology can help me to start conversation with my possible clients. Through technology, they can easily reach and communicate with me and ask some queries wherein we can set our one-on-one counseling session. Also, it is very important since technology can help me to support students' development. It is also an opportunity to save time and money and to find new ways to reach out to children, parents, and educators by leveraging technology.

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